Hi, I'm Dayarne

painter | mess maker | colour lover

I grew up in a home filled with eclectic art, textiles and mementos my parents collected on their many overseas travels. Bold, quirky and abstract, each piece had a story and added to the personality of the home. There were no blank walls, no boring shelves and that sparked a life-long love of colour, texture and design that now finds its way onto my canvas.

An abstract artist based in Muswellbrook NSW, I have been painting since early 2022. I create original paintings, mainly in acrylic, however I’m increasingly drawn to mixed media and the complete joy of making marks with a soft, buttery oil stick or exploring the unpredictability of ink or wet charcoal.

My art is process-driven and intuitive. I start with a basic colour palette, adding paint and marks to the canvas spontaneously. As the painting starts to emerge, it’s only then I start making more deliberate decisions about composition, focal points, colour and contrast.

For a person with perfectionist tendencies, painting is the ultimate exercise in letting go. When I try to control the outcome, particularly in the early-to-middle stages of a work, it always leads to frustration. That's why I find painting so joyful. It gets me out of my head and into a state of freedom and play.

I love creating depth with layers and exploring visual and physical texture. Making a
mess and using a wide variety of tools keeps me loose, expressive and playful. In my studio you’ll find me working with kitchen spatulas, bamboo skewers, a cement trowel, sticks and twigs ... nothing in the house is off limits as an art-making tool! I’ve also introduced collage to some of my paintings, which is an exciting new area of experimentation in my art practice.

When I'm not in my studio, I'll be drinking coffee with my hubby or playing 'mum taxi' for my teenagers. My hobbies are making art, thinking about art and shopping for art supplies!